Occupation: Succubus
    Interest: H stuff~!!!
    Height: 170 cm
    Weight: 62 kg
    BWH: 87-57-87

    Kahlua is a succubus and presumably you know what a succubus does to humans. As a monster, Kahlua is belongs to the elite class so sometimes she acts a bit arrogantly. Due to the fact that she is a monster when you, as a hunter, first encounter her you will be enemies with her. However, if you are able to defeat her single-handedly, she will become your fighting partner at night.

    However, among the monsters, Kahlua's true identity is...

    If you are going after other girls then Kahlua will be your enemy no matter what. Therefore, if you want to have an ending with her, you must fight solo all the way. This means that battles will be tougher than usual without an extra ally to assist you. Keep doing this until the Day 15 when you will meet Kahlua for the first time. You will engage in a battle with her so be really prepared for this battle (you will want to buy some light crystals for this battle). After that she will acknowledge your strength and will be your friend thereafter. Every night when you leave the house for hunting she will fly to you and ask you if you want her to be your partner.

    After that, daytime is pretty useless to you because Kahlua cannot hang out during the day. So you might want to skip the daytime period after preparing yourself.
    • On Day 16 during the night, go visit the park and she will take advantage of you (CG).
    • On Day 19 during the night, after the hunting session is over she will take advantage of you for a second time (CG).
    • On Day 22 10am, Kahlua will show up during the day. She will force you to take her out on a date at the Coffee Shop to eat ice-cream (CG).

    After Day 23, just go find the other 2 crystals by going to all 3 of the following places: cemetry, school, and church and fight the bosses there. 2 of the 3 (it's random) will give you the crystals. After that jump straight into the underground via the staircases at where the 3 bosses are to fight against the final boss. Please prepare some recovery items and Ice Crystals for this battle. If you cannot defeat the final boss by Day 28, it will be Game Over. After you defeat the final boss, sit back and enjoy the ending (CG).

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