Occupation: Florist
    Interest: Watering flowers
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 55 kg
    BWH: 79-55-81

    Lencia is Will's half-sister. However, they have been friends since childhood and have a pretty close brother-sister-like relationship. She hangs out in the park during the afternoon selling flowers. Her wish is to open a florist store in the future.

    Lencia has a crush on Will in the beginning of the game and she always care about Will...perfect type of girl to be your wife??

    Lencia is probably the heroine who can join you in battle the earliest. Start off by meeting her in the park. At night of Day 2, go to the park and you will meet her. Accept her offer to go with you and she will be your partner.

    After that, just go to the park during the day to ask her out at night. After the first week has passed, she will start hanging out at your house at 5pm washing your clothes/underwear (CG) and also cook dinner for you everyday. Note that by the end of the third week Lencia will be out of town for 2-3 days to visit her mother so you cannot ask her out at night at that time.
    • On Day 11 5pm, go back to your house and you will see her washing your underwear (CG).
    • On Day 15 2pm, go to the park and you will spend the day with her and expect her first kiss (CG).
    • On Day 16 5pm, go back to your house for an embarrassing event (CG).
    • On Day 21 5pm, you will go swimming with her (CG). After this Lencia will get kidnapped by Kahlua who demands you to find the 3 crystals and find her.

    You can find the 1st crystal when you first fight Kahlua on Day 15. To find the other 2 crystals, go to all 3 of the following places: cemetry, school, and church and fight the bosses there. 2 of the 3 (it's random) will give you the crystals. After that, head to the church and defeat Kahlua and save Lencia (CG). Note that if you do not defeat Kahlua before the end of Day 26 you will reach a bad ending with Lencia (CG). After you save Lencia, then go to the underground via the staircases at where the 3 bosses are to fight against the final boss. Please prepare some recovery items and Ice Crystals for this battle. If you cannot defeat the final boss by Day 28, it will be Game Over. After you defeat the final boss, sit back and enjoy the ending (CG).

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