Occupation: Daughter of a wealthy family
    Interest: Strolling in the courtyard
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 55 kg
    BWH: 82-56-80

    Tira is the daughter of the town's mayor. She is "well-protected" by her butler Parker and she really rarely steps out of her mansion. But for some reason (prolly just for the hell of it), Tira decides to sneak out at night with Will and go hunting with him.

    This girl knows nothing about magic or fighting, so how in the world can she defeat monsters? Whenever she tries to attack with her overly weak punches, a familiar shadow jumps in and does the "real" attack for her. Pay special attention to Will and Tira's combo as you may find it amusing...

    At the beginning of the game keep visiting the mayor's mansion and you will see her peeping out of the window (CG). Keeping doing that and you will meet Parker and soon Tira herself as she tries to sneak out of the mansion (CG). Soon after Parker does some research on you, he will later ask Will to be Tira's private tutor everyday at 2pm (CG). After you go to her house and tutor Tira will ask you if you want to stay overnight. If you do, at night she will sneak out with you to do some hunter work.

    After that, just make sure you go to her mansion for tutor at 2pm and agree to stay overnight, just that simple, nothing more, except one:
    • On Day 22 10am, go to the church with her and she will ask you to walk around town with her for the day (CG). After this Tira will get kidnapped by Kahlua who demands you to find the 3 crystals and find her.

    You can find the 1st crystal when you first fight Kahlua on Day 15. To find the other 2 crystals, go to all 3 of the following places: cemetry, school, and church and fight the bosses there. 2 of the 3 (it's random) will give you the crystals. After that, head to the church and defeat Kahlua and save Tira (CG). Note that if you do not defeat Kahlua before the end of Day 26 you will reach a bad ending with Tira (CG). After you save Tira, then go to the underground via the staircases at where the 3 bosses are to fight against the final boss. Please prepare some recovery items and Ice Crystals for this battle. If you cannot defeat the final boss by Day 28, it will be Game Over. After you defeat the final boss, sit back and enjoy the ending (CG).

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