Occupation: Unknown
    Interest: Unknown
    Height: 173 cm
    Weight: 66 kg
    BWH: 89-59-88

    Vianna is rumored to be the strongest hunter in town, at daytime she works at the hunters guild where she is responsible for exchanging tokens into cash. She seldom talks but Vianna is a really gentle lady deep inside.

    Of all the heroines, IMHO Vianna's story is better than all the others' because it's probably the most touching (the other stories are really bad and chessy). Everyday at 5pm she leaves the guild and goes to the cemetry to visit the grave of her fallen fiance Robert who was killed the day before their marriage by monsters while being a hunter several years ago. Used to be a scholar, is it revenge that made Vianna become a hunter herself?

    At the beginning of the game keep visiting the cemetry at 5pm. At the night of Day 4 head to the church, and you will encounter Kahlua and you will engage in a battle that you cannot win. After losing the battle, Vianna will jump right in to save you. you will meet Iry (CG). After she recognizes you as the geeky history teacher and vice versa, from that time on, everytime after classes she will keep stalking on you. Later, she will convince you to take her with you at night as your partner. After she disappears, keep going to the guild and the cemetry during daytime so you can recognize her voice and appearance and fragance. Soon she will be willing to be your hunter partner at night.

    After that, make sure you see her all the time.
    • On Day 11 5pm, ask her out at night, and at the end of the hunting session, you will find that her leg is injured and you will carry her home (CG).
    • On Day 15 5pm, meet her at the cemetery to have a fight against Kahlua. After getting the first crystal you will see Vianna's flashback with Robert (CG).
    • On Day 22 5pm, go to the cemetry and she will ask you to have dinner with her and got drunk (CG). After this Vianna will get kidnapped by Kahlua who demands you to find the 3 crystals and find her.

    You can find the 1st crystal when you first fight Kahlua on Day 15. To find the other 2 crystals, go to all 3 of the following places: cemetry, school, and church and fight the bosses there. 2 of the 3 (it's random) will give you the crystals. Each time you get a crystal you will see more of Vianna's flashback with Robert. After that, head to the church and defeat Kahlua and save Vianna (CG). Note that if you do not defeat Kahlua before the end of Day 26 you will reach a bad ending with Vianna (CG). After you save Vianna, then go to the underground via the staircases at where the 3 bosses are to fight against the final boss. Please prepare some recovery items and Ice Crystals for this battle. If you cannot defeat the final boss by Day 28, it will be Game Over. After you defeat the final boss and reading the final dialogue by Robert, sit back and enjoy the ending (CG).

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