The following applies throughout the game except for certain events and holidays.

    Monday to Thursday: Classes

    You attend classes to raise the above attributes. Attributes will grow according the Heart/Skill/Body variables. You need to have Units to attend these classes and raise attributes. At the beginning it takes only 1 unit to take class for one attribute. If that single attribute goes over 50, you need 2 units to take that class (but growth will be at the same rate as if 1 unit classes). At 100 you need 3 units, at 200 you need 4 units and at 300 and above you need 5 units. If for some reason you run out of units, or you do not wish to spend units for that week, you can choose to attend simulated attack classes which cost no units and raises your Experience only (usually 15-20% of the level up experience).

    Friday: Tests

    On Fridays the school will not teach classes, but it is open to students who wish to expand on their job abilities. You can go to various places to gain job levels and skills. To end the day, just go back to your classroom.
      Track - Fighter Skills
      Thief Room - Scout Skills
      Magic Room - Magician Skills
      Library - Priest Skills
    Units required to raise job levels:
      level 1 - 30 units
      level 2 - 20 units
      level 3 - 25 units
      level 4 - 30 units
      level 5 - 35 units
      level 6 - 40 units
      level 7 - 45 units
      level 8 - 50 units
    Units required to raise mainstream job skills:
      level 1 - 5 units
      level 2 - 10 units
      level 3 - 15 units
      level 4 - 20 units
      level 5 - 25 units
      level 6 - 30 units
      level 7 - 35 units
    For job skills, if you don't have enough units, or if you don't want to use your units, you can "pay" the teacher money to gain skills. To do this you have to purchase "skill teaching petitions" first. Also the money required is the units x 100, ie you need 500 bucks for level 1 skills, and 3500 bucks for level 7 skills. This method of "payment" can prove to be very useful at times. If you have excess money to spare, you may want to use this method so that you can use your units elsewhere with more efficiency.

    One very very important and crucial note. You do NOT need to acquire every single skill available to you. If they seem useless to you, then don't waste units and skip them. Remember that units are very valuable, and the game specifically mentioned that it is impossible to gain every single skills in the game, so PICK SKILLS WITH CAUTION. Getting every single skill available to you will hurt you by not having enough units/money for attributes and/or job levels, and it will hurt A LOT.

    Saturday: Practice Day

    This is the day when you explore dungeons. Starts from 2pm and ends at 6pm. Will discuss more of this in RPG ELEMENT section.

    Sunday: Holiday

    If applicable, you can have dates with girls, or you can choose to do special training (if applicable). Otherwise, it's a wasted day.

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