The player goes to a special High school where adventuring is taught. He just got into third year which in addition to fundamental classes, dungeon exploring is involved as well. What you have to do is to plan for your last year in this school so that you can graduate, and possibly have a small romantic relationship with the girl you love.
    good in HP, attack, and defense, but usually weak in magic use. Uses swords/shields/heavy armor etc.
    Specialty: Sword Skills - Amplifies attack/hit% but usually they are close ranged.

    good in TP speed and hit/evade%, as well as critical hits. Also good for unlocking doors and detecting traps. Uses bows/thrown weapons etc.
    Specialty: Technique - dungeon-exploring related skills, as well as high attack range skills.

    generally a very weak class except for its wide range spells and high MP. Uses wands and weak armor.
    Specialty: Magic - attack spells, effects directly proportional to one and/or 2 of the 4 magic elements, usually the 2 dark elements.

    slightly better than the magician class in that they do not die as easily. However, a very useful class in their use of recovery magic. Uses wands and weak armor like Magician, but occasionally you can equip some rare and better equipment.
    Specialty: Sacred - recovery and/or supportive skills, effects directly proportional to one and/or 2 of the 4 magic elements, usually the 2 light elements.


    Each class has its own "Skill levels" or job levels. The higher the skill level for that particular job, the better equipment you can equip, as well as accessibility to learning more powerful skills.

    The maximum job level for any class is 8. Also note that the maximum TOTAL job levels is 12. That means if you have 7 levels, you can at most gain 5 more job levels.

    Although you have to choose one of the 4 classes at the beginning of the game, you can feel free to, during the course of the game, gain levels in other classes so that you can acquire a wide variety of skills (for example a magic fighter or magician with good defense etc). Because of this, certain skills in the game can only be acquired if you have a certain job level of TWO classes. For example, a mainstream fighter with magician levels will have access to elemental magic sword skills. This also applies to certain equipments as well. For example, you need to be a level 1 fighter AND level 2 scout in order to use a boomerang.

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