Musell: Priest

    A very calm and quiet childhood friend since 10 years old. You often call her by her nick "Myu". Claims that all cats are cute, and likes to hum out songs when alone.
    Korlette: Magician

    An elf transfer student. Very active and full of energy (whines a lot as well). Loves little fishies.
    Seles: Scout

    A very shy half-elf with big glasses who belongs to the class next door. She is very cultured and loves art. However, she is often teased by her 2 fellow classmates.
    Saya: Fighter

    A tomboy girl who is a friend of Musell although she sometimes feel upset that she doesn't act like a girl. Loves sports. Often have fights with other male students in school.
    Roy: Fighter

    A silver-haired, very handsome female magnet who is 100x more handsome than you (even though you never get to see your face in the game). Falls in love with Musell when he sees her on the first day of school.
    Roy is a very powerful fighter (ie, one of the best students in the school) who can also use some decent sacred magic, but he will only join you in your final quest under certain circumstances. Although proved to be a very reliable ally, if you want to have a romantic relationship with Musell, it is safe to say that Roy is your love rival, and you will need to prove to Musell that you are stronger than him. If you are after other girls then Roy will undoubtedly be Musell's boyfriend by the end of the game.
    Mystery Girl: Magician

    Under certain circumstances, at the final quest this mature-looking blonde elf will appear and join your party. She never speaks (but not mute) for some reason, but she is definitely a powerful mainstream magician who knows every single magician skills.


    They are robots that you can "rent" or hire during saturdays who will fight for you during battles. The cost is 10x the level of the Ransers and cost more if they are further powered-up, which happens at around half-point of the game. During the day you can cancel the hiring at anytime (no refund though) and you can hire another ranser. There are 6 ransers you can choose from, 4 from each of the 4 mainstream classes, as well as ninja (fighter-scout) and sage (magician-priest). Please note that the last 2 ransers cost twice as much money to hire because they have skills from 2 or more different classes. However, their powers are not as powerful as the mainstream ransers (but not by a lot, so don't worry). Before hiring you can check what job levels each ranser is at. Please note that hiring ransers is totally optional and if you choose to hire them, you can only hire one ranser at a time. If you think you are powerful enough, then you can save money and not hire them. However, at the beginning of the game, you'd better hire them because you are very weak at the beginning of the game.

    How to meet Seles and Saya

    Seles: Your Skill level MUST BE either: (f=fighter, s=scout, m=magician, p=priest)
    2f; 1f+1s; 2f+1s; 1s+1p; 2f+1m; 1m+1p; 1p
    This looks pretty complicated, but u just need to meet ONE of the above criteria, and it's not hard at all to do so.

    You must meet one of the above criteria by mid-May and no later than end of July. If you meet one of these requirements AND take attack/defense courses during the week, during a Wednesday you will meet Seles.

    Saya: Your Skill level MUST BE a total of 4 or higher, in which at least one level in either magician or priest class. If you fulfill this requirement by early-June, and take magic-related courses during the week, you will meet Saya on a Wednesday.

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