Saturdays is the RPG part of the prepare yourself to explore the dungeon. You start at 2:00pm, and must stop all your actions if you get past 6:00pm, no exceptions.

    You can ask a girl to go with you, and they are in the following locations:

      Musell: classroom
      Korlette: magic classroom
      Seles: shooting range
      Saya: roof
    Note that you do not have to ask a girl to go with you. You can go to the dungeon solo if you feel like it.

    You can purchase items and equipment at the school shop. You also hire ransers there if you need them. If you have any unclassified items, you cannot use or sell them unless you classify them either using "Kore wa nan da?" skill or ask your scout teacher at the scout classroom to classify them AT THE COST OF 1/8 OF ITS VALUE = SELLING PRICE. If you think about it, unless it's something that is useful, u r going to classify them (and lose money) and then sell them (and gain back the same money) so these things are pretty much useless and are of no absolute benefit to you. You can rest in the health department to clear all your status, HP, MP and TP at the expense of 15 mins. You can go back to your dorm room and look at some photos that you may have picked up in the dungeon (total of 9).

    2 notes about school property: one, if you just wander around for too long, you will waste an hour. So make your judgements carefully. Two, you cannot enter the dungeon if you have ANY negative status.

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