It's a map mode-dungeon with lots of step takes a minute. Upon discovering stairs down, you can choose to advance to the next floor or stay on this floor for a while. At any time you can always go back up to the school preperty through your exit to buy/rest whatever. Note that if there are girls who are accompanying you, they will leave once you step on the exit and return to their appropiate locations at school. However, ransers will be available to you for the whole day in the dungeon as long as you hired one. Also one thing to note is that ransers and girls will have full HP, MP, and TP everytime they re-enter a dungeon, so USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Another thing to note is that only you, the player can raise levels. Ransers and girls has a default steady growth of 2 levels per week.

    As said before you can advance to the next floor. If you exit the dungeon it doesn't mean that when you re-enter the dungeon you have to start from first floor down. You will start from the last floor you visited. At any time in the dungeon you can right click to activate the menu and you can use magic, use items, change equipment. To change to the next character in line, just keep right clicking. Lower right option returns to map mode.
    You will encounter battles, and it is crucial to note that every single ACTION, no matter what you do, wastes one minute. So if you have a lot of enemies, your battles will pretty much last very long. You can choose to escape, but it wastes 4 minutes and you might not be successful too. So calculate your chances of victory very careufully. If you win a battle, you get experience, units and cash. Ocassionally you can find some bonuses such as extra cash, items and photos. If your whole party dies in battle, you will be sent back to the health department to recover for ONE HOUR and you are free to go after that. However, this DOES NOT apply in your final quest, which will result in a game over screen, or fail to graudate.

    If you are short of HP you can always use items or magic to recover. However, the only way you can recover MP and TP for yourself is to sleep for 15 mins in the health department, with the rare exception of discovering a survival tent which happens only during your final quest.

    Events will happen during dungeons and it's up to you to discover them.
    The school grades you in 3 ways, 2 midterms and a final. The first midterm is sometime during July, and the second midterm is on December just before Christmas. I will NOT tell you what the total floor # is, but I can tell you that you need to get beyond 15th floor by first midterm, and 30th floor for second midterm. The final exam is pretty much finishing the dungeon without access to the school facilities. My best advice is, when you see a stairs down, GO DOWN WITHOUT HESITATION. You really have a tight time schedule and forget about exploring the whole floor unless you are sure that you have plenty of time to waste.

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