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E D genjibox
2003-08-17 17:07:34
Posts: 8
From: North America
anyone remember dnml (
I remember a couple years ago trying to make my own hgame. A group came across a program called dnml. It made story books so to speak, like in your date sim type hgames. you could program in sound and pictures and all that good stuff. anyone know if this program still exists? or know of another way to create games? thanks in advance - genji

E D Nymph
2003-08-17 19:05:04

Posts: 72
From: North America
Re: anyone remember dnml (
It should be very easy with visual basic... Nothing is easier actually for making simple things...

E D genjibox
2003-08-17 19:13:28
Posts: 8
From: North America
Re: anyone remember dnml (
thank you Nymph.

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-08-21 20:25:14

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: anyone remember dnml (
Don't start taking MY position of the tyrant around here, Nymph...heheheheh...

I got a programmer to program our own engine...and our script will be something like DNML, yes.

I don't know...the market seems so...cold to this field...even if I got a master artist working on this project, will it sell?

P.S. I saw KID's "Memories Off 2" in Chinese in Hong Kong...I didn't buy it, of course...I ran out of money buying crap and more crap and more crap and...

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