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E D Nymph
2003-06-24 01:41:48

Posts: 72
From: North America
Looking For Reviewers ( is now looking for new reviewers. I will be willing to pay 5$ for each review which is:

1) Orriginal
2) Includes Screen Shots (Pictures)
3) Well Written
4) Long Enough To Be Considered Professional

I hope most of you have a paypal account but if not we can maybe arrange another means of payment... You can email me at and let me know if you wanna start up! Hopefully with all of your help we can get this site up and running again!

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-06-25 19:01:07

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Looking For Reviewers (
Paypal may be a problem for me for now...

But...I think that on a side note, I can be a mod in this board?

As for good reviews...I'll consider it. It is a good source of money...mwhehehe...

Wait. Are we talking USD or CDN? We're both in are we talking CDN here?

¤j¬`­Y¦b¤â, ²M­·º¡¤Ñ¤U.

=/| ClearWind Design Studios - |\=

All hail the largest poster in the site whose post count exceeds even the webmaster himself... WHAHAHAHAHA....

E D Nymph
2003-06-25 23:50:37

Posts: 72
From: North America
Re: Looking For Reviewers (
The canadian dollar and american dollar will even out very soon I believe... Whatever the case I'll pay in USD for now... If I get charged way too much for the conversion then it will be CDN dollars but for now it will be a bonus for everyone!

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