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E D minh
2003-05-17 03:56:15
Posts: 1
help (
where can i find free Hgames?

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-05-18 17:09:42

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: help (
For one thing, we don't really support underground servers serving games (snicker, we do it anyway).

Next, I highly suggest you STAY OUT OF NEWGROUNDS.COM for these games. THOSE THINGS ARE BENT AND NOT REAL GOOD GAMES! Nothing more than Pervert's eye candy. Good H-games have good systems or good storylines.

And another thing I can think of is...until Project Journeys is successfully launched (my project), I suggest you know Japanese before searching for these games. All the "qualified" ones are in Japanese. The rest are either junk or not famous ones of high quality (if you insist that JAST USA ones are good, have it your way, but the new ones are ALL Japanese).

Lastly, some of these games require JWIN to operate. Especially games created by RIPE, JANIS and Studio e.go!, for they have these little things that monitor your OS and without crack or other method, it crashes itself and will not work.


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E D blue_thing
2003-06-02 23:39:42
Posts: 10
Re: help (
unless you've been living underground, you've probably p2p programs such as Kazaa or MIRC.

btw, most of the ENG games suck...

E D Vugtis
2003-08-29 10:38:05
Posts: 8
From: Asia
Re: help (
I suppose bit torrent is also rather famous nowadays... U can try it though.. Anyway, I believe there's also good h-games even if it's not in Japanese... Try G-Collections... My fav site.. They provide nice plots/scenarios with high-enhanced graphics games... By viewing some of their graphics on their site is amazing enough...

Hope everyone love this site as I do too =D

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