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E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-08-21 20:42:18

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From: North America
Travel Log (HK, H-games related ONLY)... (
Yang Sei Fu here. I'm currently halfway across the planet from my home in Hong Kong, and now here reporting a bit on Japanese games and computers.

If any HKers here, you should know that Sino centre in MongKok is a MECCA for computer and anime diehards. However, some anime-stuff are marked up so friggin much it's not even a joke.

For this time, I purchased a COMPTIQ magazine with a KEY mousepad attached (Nayuki,Misuzu and Nagisa). COMPTIQ is a composite anime-game(18+ included) trade magazine. Cost in HKD: $77

Also, I noticed that guides and original drawing books for Studio e.go! are available. $38 for semi-guides, and...$280 for a pathetic 20-page(approx.) original artbook!?!?!?!?!? WTF...
Asides from that, doujin-games for KEY are also available...famous ones like "Feather raid" and others...goodies worth mentioning include a KEY character (Forgot) pillow, trading cards($100+ for a little pack? WTF!?), doujin magazines (KEY), fanbooks, workbooks etc...(All $250+), some games...Canvas CD version is like $500...better get it on warez.

The single SECOND FLIGHT (Onegai Twins) is selling for like $78HKD...

The Chinese version of Memories Off 2 (KID) is available in Sino for around $98...rumored that there is another store nearby that sells around $10 lower...

(Die fernhersche) Kanon DVD available for like $80...too bad I ran out of was REALLY worth it...CHEAP. Porn AVs and other anime are also available around that price, give or take $20...

This concludes my pathetic and undetailed report on Sino Centre, MongKok, Hong Kong.

Yang Sei Fu (Loc: HK), 8/22/03, 0842 HKTime.

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- Yang Sei Fu (—k´•—)
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