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E D Angelo Payne
2003-09-29 14:11:56
Posts: 1
looking for a nice rpg-game (
hello there,

i'm looking for a good pc-rpg. it HAS to be in japanese language. most important thing is a good story. but a good gameplay and nice graphics are welcome too. sound and music doesn't matter at all.
furthermore, it doesn't have to be a hentai-game. i just want to play a great japanese rpg on my desktop, 'coz at the moment i don't own a console, but hate european-style rpgs.

A. Payne

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-09-29 18:41:32

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
First, welcome.

If you're into STORYLINES, I highly suggest ADV type games (Also known as Visual Novels) because although they have limited user interactivity, they are emotionally moving, good graphics (cute ^^) and ...well, Japanese!


RPG hmm? I can only think of old ones...modern RPGs usually are produced in the NAmerica, so...

Try looking at my EVER SO SMALL list. (They are all H-games made 2000-pres., and cost you around 4 CDs)
Studio e.go! - Men At Work! (series 1,2,3)
Studio e.go! - Natsukagura (code: Miko)
Studio e.go! - Castle Fantasia (recommended: cf3r)

Visual Novels:
Tactics - ONE(199, ONE2 (2002~03?)
KEY - Kanon(1999-2000), AIR (2000), CLANNAD (Coming...)
Studio Mebius - SNOW(2003)
F&C - Canvas (2002)
minori - WIND (2002)

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- Yang Sei Fu (—k´•—)
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E D MaxAE86
2003-10-02 14:04:11

Posts: 32
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
How about if you try out Ys 6? I personally haven't played it yet, but it's probably the best Japanese PC (action) RPG you can get today.

E D brakespear
2004-02-19 16:38:31
Posts: 4
From: Europe
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
Just finished Kurenai no Namida - that's a really good RPG-ish game from Studio E-go.

E D Zhu-sama
2004-04-09 20:16:41

Posts: 1
From: North America
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
try the original version of FFVII for the PC...

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E D Chaz
2004-04-10 12:24:29

Posts: 1
From: North America
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
Ys 6 is really good.

D+vine [luv] is still one of my favorite PC games, so I'm going to recommend that as well.. though it is rather old.

E D sakura
2004-04-18 12:01:45
Posts: 15
From: North America
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
play zwei
one of the greatest pc rpgs out there

E D cutielover
2006-04-22 01:34:14
Posts: 9
From: North America
Re: looking for a nice rpg-game (
Well if you wanted henta-rpg I could mention:
Dragon Knights 4
Dragon Knights 3 (Xentar Knights)
Cobra Mision
Brave Soul

Just get them in Japanese version.

I was told by a friend that FFXII was out for PC and you could donwload it with torrents. So just search the game in a torrent site.

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