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E D Page
2003-10-10 14:07:35
Posts: 3
From: North America
Biko 2: Reversible Face... (
I had read there was a way to remove the Mosaic from this game by using Ultra Edit 32 to replace the firs entry of 80 3F above the ASCII line of MOZParent. Anyway I tried this and haven't had any success. Is there more too it that I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated.

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-10-12 12:02:00

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Biko 2: Reversible Face... (
...To try to change CG images by a simple change with a metallic marker is...well...cause for a HEART ATTACK!! GAAH!~

By law, Japanese media are to censor any genitals shown in visual images, and offensive language fully/partially censored out in audio/text media. Refer to the censorships post.

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E D Page
2003-10-12 19:01:43
Posts: 3
From: North America
Re: Biko 2: Reversible Face... (
Uhh... thanks Yang. Unfortunately I understand why the censoring is there. However I have heard there is a way to remove the mosaic in Biko 2 from this site. I tried it and haven't been able to get it to work. Hopefully someone on the boards knows the answer.

E D Bunko K
2003-10-15 17:02:13
Posts: 2
Re: Biko 2: Reversible Face... (
Unfortunately, even if you were successful in removing the mosaic, there's nothing there (as in 'no detailing'). So far, the only Illusion game I've seen where someone actually took the time to draw up some fully exposed nude textures for the in-game models was Sexy Beach 2 (the new skin texture actually took place of one of the swimsuits). Plus, the in-game 3D sequences are the only parts where the mosaic can be removed (the CG parts will still be censored and that could take a lot more time to un-mosaic).

E D Page
2003-10-19 23:55:08
Posts: 3
From: North America
Re: Biko 2: Reversible Face... (
I'm looking for a translation of the option screen. Can anyone tell me what the radio buttons say.

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