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E D anime_fanatic21
2004-04-09 19:01:44

Posts: 1
From: North America
NON-ADULT dating-sim (
I have been searching all over the internet for non-adult anime dating-sims but I can't find one! I would really like to find a good ENGLISH TRANSLATED non HENTAI dating-sim for download. I really don't care for the pornograhphic ones. I want one like Tokimeki Memorial because I heard that is a really good dating-sim and gets players hooked without have naked anime babes to screw. Please help me!

E D Yang Sei Fu
2004-04-10 10:22:11

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: NON-ADULT dating-sim (
You see, that's the CURRENT (2004) situation.

There are none. Yet.

Some aware people (like Blue Lemma at Lemmasoft and myself) are trying to satisfy this market ASAP, but it seems the major companies today aren't interested in doing our job.

Why? Too risky. The market niche for non-H (not hentai, just H, or ecchi) games is unidentifiable.

The available games in ENGLISH are all H. So you have two options:

1: Learn Japanese. That's hell if you are not Chinese or Chinese/Kanji literate.
2: Wait for some of us to do the KEY breakthrough. We'll soon have a KEY-like developer or something.

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E D Tradewynd
2004-08-02 19:02:30
Posts: 3
From: North America
Re: NON-ADULT dating-sim (
There is another non-Japanese non-H dating sim option out there. It is apparently the best kept secret on the internet. For years now has been cranking out decent non-H dating sims in English. The most recent of these, Together Forever, is available for download and even has a free version. As far as I know all of his previous games have been purchased by commerical companies, however have not actually been released. He does good work, I would strongly recommend purchasing the CD version of Together Forever while it is still available. On a lot of the site you'll find buttons that don't have anything linked to them, here's the link directly to the game:

E D Tradewynd
2004-08-02 19:12:51
Posts: 3
From: North America
Re: NON-ADULT dating-sim (
Oh, I almost forgot, if you're interested in info on fan translation projects head over to the site 9 out of 10 dentists recommend - The Whirlpool! Since you mentioned Tokimemo here's the link to all the info on the SNES version, although there really isn't a whole lot there to get excited about. If you're ever wandering about the status of a game's fan translation The Whirlpool is the place to go.

E D sakura
2004-08-28 02:47:22
Posts: 15
From: North America
Re: NON-ADULT dating-sim (
nothing beats tokimemo. nothing.

you should give sentimental graffiti a try.

E D H looser
2004-09-16 04:01:27
Posts: 3
NON-ADULT dating-sim (
The only Game I know is Graduation 2 you can buy it here:

I have the Game it looks very old and the Gameplay looks not really interesting so I haven´t played it.

The mutoanime Games are normal H Games when I read it correct and he changed it only for the free version. Aso is this the problem why you can´t get the other Games from him. In the future he would only produce non Adult Games because the problems.

Here some full fan maded Games:

Tales of Lemma 1 (Englisch)

Black Pencil (Englisch)

Kasuka (Englisch)

Together Forever (Englisch)

River Trap (Englisch)

The Demo news you can read best at the lemmasoft forum at the Game makers corner. Here some Demos if the links are all working I don´t know:

The Snowing Clear Skies on April 29th - DEMO Alpha V 0.3 (Englisch)

Untouched (Englisch)

Town Heat (English)

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