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E D 0x029a
2004-06-04 23:24:02
Posts: 1
Working on a translation, wanna help? (
Hi, I'm working on a translation for the game "Kinbaku no Yakata" by xyz. Its an H sim game, so I expected not much text to translate, but I was wrong. The CG scenes, intros and endings have much text. I've already done all the graphics, but I don't really know japanese (enough to translate whole sentances) and wonder if any of you can help. I can send you the text and i'll handle all of the hex editing and such.

If you want to see the work I've done on the graphics, I can show you, its not great but it was interesting reversing the graphics formats. (Thanks to the MLD program!) I just changed the japanese on the interface to english as well as the title screen. This is the PC98 Dos version btw, not the ibm dos version.

I posted on the site, because I found kinbaku no yakata in the muku 2 review using google, but it seems kind of dead here . If you want to help either post here or email me at

E D Boodah
2004-07-04 18:24:21
Posts: 1
From: Europe
Re: Working on a translation, wanna help? (
I would try to translate these texts from japanese (of course machine translation!) but I think that we can later proofread it

E D mudlick
2004-07-30 11:29:36
Posts: 1
From: North America
Re: Working on a translation, wanna help? (
Is there a guide anywhere to extracting the text from games?

I'd like to be able to work on this sort of projects but I don't know how to get started.

E D cutielover
2006-04-22 01:24:48
Posts: 9
From: North America
Re: Working on a translation, wanna help (
Sorry not now. I am just starting to take online lessons. I would be glad to volunteer once i am good enough.

I'd like to ask that do you decomplile the game to translate and re-program the software? Just kinda curious you know...

E D cutielover
2006-04-22 01:28:11
Posts: 9
From: North America
Re: Working on a translation, wanna help (
There is a software out there that can extract texts from date sims called "Oh! Text Hoocker". It is not perfect but it works great with a lot of games. Some people even use it as a third party HGames translation software. Just mentioning it since "text extraction" was metioned.

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