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E D ComanderXYZ
2004-07-27 07:25:28

Posts: 52
As mention on the title, just list out the best 10 games you think are the best. Any games are welcome, just list it out !

E D Tradewynd
2004-08-02 20:12:22
Posts: 3
From: North America
Well, here's my stab at finding 10 games, in no particular order after the first one.

Heart de Roommate - If you have not played this game, do whatever you have to do to get your hands on it. If that means knocking over neighboorhood lemonaide stands so be it. The total amount of H content isn't as high as it is in other games, however the true beauty of this game is that the storyline is so engaging it doesn't need any H content at all. I will say that if you're not a fan of shounen comedy/romance anime you probably won't get as much out of this as I did(and probably won't understand why some parts of the game are incredibly funny), but there is even the slightest fanboy in you this game is a must. Buyer beware: there is zero opportunity for H content in the first half of the game, so don't be expecting H content to come as quickly as it does in other games.

Tokimeki Check-In - For some reason, I really liked this game, and I'm not so sure why. I've played games that were more absorbing, more interesting and greatly outclassed it in humor(Heart de Roommate comes to mind ^_^) but that doesn't seem to matter. I found most of the girls to be interesting and the having a bad, good and best ending with multiple girls gave me a lot of replay value.

True Love - Yes, this game is old. I know. It doesn't look as nice as today's games. So what? It's fun, and that's all that matters. The only thing I don't like about this game is your ability to get the opportunity to get some girls is based completely on chance, and if you don't know that it can be really frustrating to figure out why you don't have all of the CGs.

Ring Out - This I put on the list because it's so bad that it's good. As a professional wrestler, I found their representation of wrestling to be incredibly awful and extremely hilarious, however if you're not a wrestling fan who unberstands how to work a match most of the "it's so bad it's good" type of humor (which is presented with complete seriousness, only making it more funny) will be more like "this is so bad I have a sudden urge to stick sharp objects in my eye." It hasn't really stood the test of time very well, so if you never play it you're not missing out on much.

Brave Soul - I'm still in the middle of playing it, but as a fan of RPGs anytime you can combine RPGs and hentai it's a plus. I was hoping for more parody ala Excel Saga, but you take what you can get. However, it is still enjoyable, and for the kanji-challenged it beats the holy hell out of Knights of Xentar.

Viper Paradice - For those who are unfamiliar with it, Viper Paradice is a board game, which is actually pretty fun in its own right. On the down side, a lot of the H content was reused from other Viper games(which really isn't a big deal if you haven't played them and don't plan to) and most (if not all) of the bad spaces on the board do not function, making it much easier than it should be. Still, it's fun, and you get hentai for a reward. That's good enough for me.

Hitozuma Hime Club - This gets down to action really quickly, as basically have 3 housewives who inform you that you will be teaching them about sex. It's fun, I found character development to be a little subpar, but there is certainly no shortage of H CG here.

Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2 - It's fun all around. My feelings are similar to Tokemeki Check-In, I like it, it's good, but there isn't one specific thing that blows me away. A cameo/H scene return of characters from the first game is a nice touch since there was otherwise almost no continuity from the first title.

Crescendo - The art looks different from other H games, and I like it. The unique look and feel gets a recommendation out of me just to experience something a little different.

Sensei 2 - The game isn't anything to write home about inandof itself (although, I don't know of too many people who write home about their pornographic habits anyway...moving on). This is here more because I envy the main character more than anything else. Manipulating hot teachers into becoming your personal sex slave is the dream of every high school student.

That's my stab at 10 games. If you have a problem with any of them being called the 10 best out there in English, you're wrong ^_^ To be fair, I have not played Kana Little Sister or Jewel Knights yet. Feel free to post any questions/comments/moans/groans/complaints.

E D cutielover
2006-04-22 01:16:54
Posts: 9
From: North America
If anyone have and/or know where i can download Crazy Knucle and Crazy Knucle 2, please tell me. I formated my hard drive and they are gone. So please...

Tokimeki Check In
Crazy Knuckle
Crazy Knuckle 2
Brave Soul
True Love
The Maid Story
Love Potion
Polygon Love (Favorite)

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