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E D max
2003-01-14 19:05:01
Posts: 2
Where can I get F&C games? (
Does anyone know where I can buy F&C games? I'm looking for Pia 3.

I checked F&C homepage but they don't sell outside of Japan.

Please help. I'm desperate for an easier way to get my hands on these games....

E D drag00n
2003-01-15 03:21:36
Posts: 8
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
well u can buy it Hiyema or so..

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E D Ecchi
2003-01-15 12:11:53
Posts: 9
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
uummmm.... have you tried Himeya????

E D Gastalt
2003-02-04 13:14:40

Posts: 7
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
This new place sells most F&C titles overseas for alot less.

They are F&C's new overseas distributor.

E D max
2003-02-13 16:59:04
Posts: 2
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
thanks. i checked out mystix anime and got a couple games...pia, aikagi, natural zero plus. just finished natural and the CG is just insane.

and they sell for much cheaper than you can get in tokyo.

E D tondemonai
2003-02-18 21:06:30
Posts: 1
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
Thanks for the info Gastalt! Checked out Mystix Anime and got Canvas and Pia. I was tempted by Dousoukai, maybe next month ...

2003-11-09 05:37:22
Posts: 4
From: North America
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
Too bad they don't have the Canvas DVD least last time I asked about it. I think himeya does.....have to get it some time soon when I buying other games.

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-11-18 08:25:22

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Where can I get F&C games? (
Speak o' the devil.

I can't wait to get my hands on "Kokokana" (Full name: Koko yori Kanata made)...looks pretty interesting...

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