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E D Yang Sei Fu
2002-12-17 23:11:22

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From: North America
Japanese Visual Novels and Companies! (
Please just say something here. I will begin with a rant...

Ever notice...(NOTE: Following question could be rhetorical and even obvious by common sense)...

...That companies create series of different games unrelated to one another...and yet the elements and techniques used to deliver the storyline are the same?

e.g. Key/Visualart's. "Kanon" is rather easy to get your hands on online now, as there are illegal games to download, online shops to buy, and even the ANIMATED SERIES for the TV crowd and former fans. So I'm not going to describe much here.
"AIR" is the next creation from Key/VA's. The artwork is around the same and the music is much better to listen to when going to sleep (really relaxing), and it's summer instead of winter. The storyline is also different from Kanon.

Here is the point of similarity: The climax of the story always deals with the non-existance of a close character (e.g. Ayu in Kanon, Michiru in AIR) and the involvement of the supernatural (well, almost all companies do...just look at F&C...). Always notice that the way of how the story is delivered and how the mystery is unraveled. The timing and method of the progression of the storylines is...well...the same. This is evidently possible because it was made by THE SAME STORYLINE WRITER(s).

Of course, the style of story-writing has inspired many (including myself, a writer) authors and scriptors and Key Studios itself made QUITE a reputation for such storylines. Creating a company image is very important to a business, and Key Studios has made their standpoint clear. Hopefully they will stay in business for a considerably long time. We await the release of Clannad...(I wonder how the story in detail will be like?)

¤j¬`­Y¦b¤â, ²M­·º¡¤Ñ¤U.
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E D ccleaf
2002-12-20 02:31:43

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Re: Japanese Visual Novels and Companies! (
Hmmm... I'm not really sure if I can address your topic... but on the subject of Visual Novels...

I guess I'm a bit lazy, but I've always had a hard time finishing the Visual Novel genre of "H-Games". I'm not a native speaker of Japanese, so reading it takes time... and many times I just don't know the meaning of some kanji... Which is why I appreciate fully voiced games. In fully voiced games, you can often skim through or skip reading the guy's lines and still get a fairly clear understanding of the story, just by listening to what the other characters say.

But that's not to say that Visual Novels aren't interesting. I probably just need to get better at Japanese. Suigetsu by F&C 01... now that looks interesting. (I guess I like characters with red eyes...)

I guess it's true that many visual novels involve some supernatural event, but there a number of things that make them different. Leaf's Dare Kare had some simple animation that was sort of neat.

E D MaxAE86
2002-12-21 02:22:04

Posts: 32
Re: Japanese Visual Novels and Companies! (
and now CLANNAD seems to be the season of Spring, heh
Although the characters look like ordinary school girls, I'm pretty sure someone will have special powers... ^-^

and wasn't ONE, Autumn? (Key staff's earlier work)

E D Yang Sei Fu
2002-12-21 06:45:15

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Japanese Visual Novels and Companies! (
Enough said. They've done it all, unless they want to redo...

Anyways...where to download AIR...(discussed in the other board)

¤j¬`­Y¦b¤â, ²M­·º¡¤Ñ¤U.
=/| ClearWind Design Studios - TMFC |\=

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