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E D Ifreet
2002-12-18 05:06:25

Posts: 2
Grapholic & Susie (

I want to know how Grapholic or Susie are working.. I have a lot of plug in and others, but it's not able to extract pics.. I try on Viper RSR, I have a .dat, two .exe and one .inf.. I extract two icons from one of the .exe, but I guess that the images are inside the .dat.. And it makes me an error.. Do I miss a plug in ? Do my computer have to be on "japanese mode" ? Is my english correct for a french ?

Help, pleeeeease !

E D Yang Sei Fu
2002-12-18 16:04:39

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Grapholic & Susie (
I think I'll go make matters worse...


¤j¬`­Y¦b¤â, ²M­·º¡¤Ñ¤U.
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E D Ifreet
2002-12-19 08:31:02

Posts: 2
Re: Grapholic & Susie (
Lol.. Yup, simple but clear.. Somebody knows japanese ? i can do a screenshot of the error i have

E D cappiz
2003-08-16 09:55:33
Posts: 3
From: Europe
Re: Grapholic & Susie (
try to transalte. It's not very good but bettert than nothing

E D RocK_M
2003-08-31 03:47:46
Posts: 13
Re: Grapholic & Susie (
You peeps wouldn't mind a bump on this would yah? XD

..anyhoo Garpholic is easy...Susie on the other hand i need help =P

Grapholic is technically set up like an Explorer window which helps a lot XD..basically once you go to a dir that you think contains the image files fer the game the prog tries to automatically id the files...which isn't usually right =P

..if you can view a file/filetype it'll have a grey folder /thingy icon. Just double click. If it works it'll show the image. IF it shows you an "invaild file error"..chances are it's one of the 2

1)The program is misinterpreting it as another image file OR
2) It's not really an image file check just select the file in question "right click" and pick the Identify Icon i.e the one with the "?" symbol it'll then try and id the file. IF it's a real image file it'll swap to the proper file format if not it'll swap to the generic white folders XD

...oh yeah..

occasionally it'll open up ermm if ergot the term...ermm "folder files" as well..which is basically just opening the file as dir in Temp. These usually contain compresed images (or not XD) as well that u can browse =P

Phew!! if someone can explain how to use Susie i'll be grateful! XD

E D DamDamDra
2003-08-31 06:36:26
Posts: 5
Re: Grapholic & Susie ( to use Susie.

When you open the program, they'll make a small side panel on the side of the screen. I'm not actually sure what all those buttons do, but I do know that the top button is the ever important "Open" command, and the small down arrow at the bottom pops up a bunch of options similar to most Windows applications you've probably seen.

Anyways, how to open: Normally, in the File Open menu (similar to other Windows applications), you are asked to select which file to open. However, the types of files permitted (under the "Files of type" popup box) determine which files you can open. By default, the list given contains essentially nothing; that's where the plugins are required, as they add to the list of file types that can be recognized and opened (like other applications).

When you get a plugin (.spi file), just place it inside the same directory where the Susie program is located, and it will be automatically recognized. Every game company uses a different file type to store the game CG, so different plugins will be required as such.

E D RikWeaN
2003-09-09 16:04:57
Posts: 1
From: Europe
Re: Grapholic & Susie (
About Susie, please help me^^
I've been trying to gain access to Viper GTB and Viper GTS's graphics but it won't work. What type of file does those games' company use to store CG pics ?
I have all the pluggins available on this website...

I downloaded Grapholic but the install .exe won't work too. Why ? I get an error message when I try to launch the install application I got from Anime Densetsu's website here.

Please help me ^_^

[ Edited by RikWeaN on 2003-09-09 17:00:26 ]

E D RocK_M
2003-09-23 00:43:57
Posts: 13
Re: Grapholic & Susie (
Hmm..well if you can't get Grapholic to work then your kinda out of luck coz methinks the viper series CG's can only be viewed on graph...well the old ones anyway...i haven't tested it on GTB yet....

..anyway just go to the dir where Viper is wif Graph and graph will usually label the SGS.dat as a bbm file...which it isn't obviously =3..just right-click and select the "identify" option (the one wif the "?"-mark and files icon) and it should Id it as sognadat type. double click and it'll open a temp dir....the images should be on the "anm" folder as sognaanm type files ^^

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