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E D NoEditedHentai!
2003-10-11 04:03:24
Posts: 1
Brief Q&A on C/J/K censorships... (
I just was wondering if anyone knew why most of the Japanese hentai and bishouji games and pics are censored. I heard something about that Asia has strict laws about not showing genitals in porn and hentai, and that most of the stuff that isn't censored is re-drawn in by american artists or Japanese artists that send it to America. Does anybody know the real deal? This especially makes me sad for great looking Computer Generated games like Sexy Beach 2 that look awesome, but when the girl takes here clothes off there is a blur in the genital area, but they will gladly show breasts? Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.

[ Edited by Yang Sei Fu on 2003-10-12 12:03:32 ]

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-10-12 11:56:32

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Why is it almost all censored!!! (
Guess what, they're right.

The Japanese (As well as Chinese and Korean) government has established the law that genitals are to be censored. The United States of America used to have this law as well, but was later abolished (do not ask me how or why).

They DO have uncensored original images either redrawn or leaked around...of course, they STAY in the underground world of the Internet...

Basically, you answered your own silly question.

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