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E D Liim
2003-10-31 10:19:03
Posts: 1
Cant get Divi Dead to work properly (
After the intro movie is played, the screen is just all black. I can't see the menu at all. I am running Win XP.

I know it's gonna be kinda hard to troubleshoot with just this little amount of information but I'm just wondering if anyone's encountered a similar problem before.

If you've played this game on XP with no problem please just say hi in this thread so I know that I'm considered a special case and most likely the file was corrupted in some way.

E D DragonFlykm
2006-02-12 02:53:10
Posts: 2
From: Australia
Re: Cant get Divi Dead to work properly (
This game is extremely picky it MUST be installed under (Hard Drive)CSWARE\DIVIDEAD or it will not work. I mean hard drive as in it can be any drive letter providing its under CSWARE\DIVIDEAD.

However should you put it on any other drive than C it will still create the save games under CCSWARE\DIVIDEAD.

The game sits on a blue screen saying Divi-Dead and does nothing.
That screen is the menu...Click on either demon in the bottom corners for menu options.

The game keeps crashing everytime I start to play it.
This is due to the missing audio. Turn off Voices and Sound, then the game will no longer crash when you run it.

Note: The Voices and Sound must be turned off on every startup.

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