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E D CyraKrin
2003-11-27 01:29:43
Posts: 1
From: North America
Private Garden 2 / win2k (
Hey guys I'm new here, and I'm incredibly frustrated with PG2.. it seems when I get to the polaroid mural (intro screen) I cant do anything.. the top three things on the right click menu are greyed out.. I've tried reinstalling to no avail.

Can anyone help me?

I'm running xp2800
512mb ddr ram (both specs more than enough for this game)

E D Raven
2003-12-15 02:36:55
Posts: 3
From: Asia
Re: Private Garden 2 / win2k (
I think The right-click menu only useful to undo the movement you made during the puzzle mode..

It got nothing to do with the intro screen,
just click space bar/enter/anything to get past through the intro screen.

U should see a girl pic on the top left corner.
Click on the box near her feet to go to the puzzle mode afterwards..

Happy playing..

E D Darknyte
2004-01-11 01:42:31
Posts: 1
Re: Private Garden 2 / win2k (
I am having the same problems trying to run this game under WinXP. Could there be a missing .dll file or some such? The game just stops at the intro title screen, the one with all of the girls in coveralls at the part bench. Hitting enter or space bar or the escape key or any other key does nothing, and there is no where on the screen that can be left clicked. Right clicking only allows togggle between window and full screen or turning the music off.

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