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E D ComanderXYZ
2004-01-26 08:30:51

Posts: 52
Can anyone help me ? (
Hello, for everyone who gonna help me with my humble request thanks for the trouble. (^_^)

Do anyone here on densetsu have the first version of Pia Carrot ? I have been searching for that file for quite a while but still unable to find any good result. The file I use to have was downloaded from kazaa. Just previously when I downloaded the same file it is corruppted. It's the same for every other Pia Carrot file on kazaa.

( man, why don't they just delete that file)

To all user who have the file or know where to download it, could you please tell me where can I get that file or simply upload the file to me.

Thanks for the trouble.

E D ComanderXYZ
2004-01-26 09:31:04

Posts: 52
Re: Can anyone help me ? (
Oops, a few grammer and spelling error. ^_^

To all users, PLEASE REPLY THIS MESSAGE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thanks for the help.

E D Yang Sei Fu
2004-01-26 22:00:43

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Can anyone help me ? (
No use replying if I don't have it...

‘å •¿ Žá Ý Žè , ´ •— ŸÞ “V ‰º .
å« ”ñ E ˜V ¹ , ’A ‹ •K —L œä !
- Yang Sei Fu (—k´•—)
=/| ClearWind Design Studios - |\=

All hail the largest poster in the site whose post count exceeds even the webmaster himself... WHAHAHAHAHA....

E D ComanderXYZ
2004-02-01 14:28:34

Posts: 52
Re: Can anyone help me ? (
Anyone who maybe have the same situation as I have and manage to solve the problem.

Do anyone here play Pia Carrot 1 for Windows and manage to play the game on XP ? I download it from the same source and plays it like normal. But the file says, "Corruption error. Instalation impossible" .

My question is the following;

1) Why can I install the game and play like normal on Win 98 and why can't I play that game on Win XP ?

2)What does it mean by "Corruption Error. Instalation Impossible" ? It shows that when I try to install it on XP but nothing like this happen on Win 98.

3) Can anyone tell me is it something related to the file or the computer or the windows XP or anything else that is the source of the problem ?

If anyone knows why please reply as soon as possible. I have try everything but still unable to solve the problem.

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