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E D petit_charat
2004-03-22 22:05:12

Posts: 1
From: Europe
Nyan-Nyako-Nyan (pianissimo) (
I managed to get my hands on this game a couple of days ago and I am enjoying it alot!

The artwork is *great* and the voices are soooo cute. My only problem is that I dont understand what the hell is going on (unlike some people I enjoy playing the games rather than just fapping over them)

If anyone knows of a walkthrough (does not have to be detailed) or any groups working on a transalation then please point me in the right direction. Also if anyone knows any groups willing to take on the challange then also tell me of them.

Thanks in advanced everyone!

.:: Petit Charat ::.


E D Yang Sei Fu
2004-03-29 16:14:42

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Nyan-Nyako-Nyan (pianissimo) (
The thing is, these games...are story based.

Furthermore, walkthroughs are usually in Japanese, so search it up by typing the title in Japanese and kouryaku (not in Romaji, mind you)...

I fail to understand how people can just enjoy the images and not the story, because the attention span of each game would be HELL short...

"Bittersweet Fools" by minori has, really, bad graphics. But the story is good enough to make you cry just about every chapter. Now that game...has vocabulary hard enough to challenge Japanese scholars. I mean it. To add oil to the fire, the "foreign language" in that game is not English, but Italiano.

And in case you can't find a Japanese IME, download a trial at

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- Yang Sei Fu (—k´•—)
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