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E D Vesuvius
2004-06-05 12:16:36

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From: North America
Brave Soul - Need help with 3rd Riddle (
I've been playing Brave Soul and have gotten stuck on the "Fateful Tournament". You're given three riddles to solve, and I've gotten the first two.

To answer each riddle you must search through a floor on the mansion and find the object that represents the riddle's answer. You then click on it - if correct you gain access to the next level. You cannot leave the mansion, nor go to the next floor until the riddle is solved.

The answer to the first riddle was "Chair" ("It has legs but walks not, and a strong back but works not..."). I found the chair and clicked on it and moved on. The answer to the 2nd riddle was "Bookshelf" ("It's the place with the most knowledge..."). Also, I found the bookshelf and clicked on it. Simple!

The third riddle, however, is a bit more puzzling. It reads, "In the daytime it is very short, but at the sunset it becomes long. It should be there but not there. It is made longer by a tall thing." I believe that the answer is "a shadow", but therein lies my problem. I have clicked on every shadow I can find on the mansion floor, but no luck. The other objects I have tried, too, but they just don't seem logical (a drawer, a painting, a sofa, a table, etc.)

Perhaps the answer is not shadow, though. Any ideas? Or has anyone out there played this game and solved this puzzle? Any help at all would be appreciated!

Much thanks,


E D fukatsu
2004-06-06 17:43:38
Posts: 1
Re: Brave Soul - Need help with 3rd Riddle (
try the flower pot.

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