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E D ComanderXYZ
2004-06-23 09:56:37

Posts: 52
Need help in instaling games. PLS HELP ! (
I have a couple of problem in instaling games such as Tottemo Pheromone, Princess Holiday, and Castle Fantasia. For Tettome Pheromone, it shows an error telling that it can't be install due to some component ( dll and exe ) mising, even though I have everything in order, for Princess Holiday it shows me an error about 1155 and ... ( words that can't be understand but not in Japanese ), for Castle Fantasia it shows error about ASR3232.dll, even though every component needed was installed to support it. I suspect something is wrong with the OS, programme or stuff but I can't identified any.

To those who are willing to lend a hand, I thank you first for the help given. BTW, I'm using a windows XP Pro, running in 512 ram, Pentium 3 for now, and just NORMAL enough to run any games.

E D louie2
2004-06-24 12:33:08
Posts: 4
Re: Need help in instaling games. PLS HE (
Well this is a bit complicate
1-try to run the iso's by daemon tools or virtual drivers, maybe you're burn the images in the wrong way
2-try to run the exe's in win 95 or 98 compatibiliti
3-try to run the game's in win 2000, i was plaing tottemo pheromone in win 2000 and run ok
4-shoot you're head jejeje
Sorry if with this solutions I can't help u
Good luck!

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