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E D Starryk
2004-07-23 14:38:14
Posts: 1
From: Europe
Private Garden 1 - How to play (
Hi everyone

Maybe I'm just stupid or the downloaded File is corrupt but I'm not able to finish Stage 1 in Private Garden 1!
Is it really true that you should just finish the girls picture?
This I have achieved often enough but nothing has happened after finishing it! And Whats about the green arrow? Has this something to do with the gameplay? Or what must i do when i have finished the girls picture?
Please somebody tell me, how to finish the 1. Stage.

E D SaulenasM
2004-09-26 10:02:59
Posts: 1
From: Europe
Re: Private Garden 1 - How to play (
Finally i just found, how to finish stage 1.

x x x x
x o o x
x o o x
x o p p
x y p p
x x x x

p is the place there all 4 pieces must be placed.

E D RocK_M
2004-10-13 03:03:30
Posts: 13
Re: Private Garden 1 - How to play (
Oh PG...pretty nice puzzle game...well its a block game and basically there's 3 types of blocks in the's been a while since i've played the game so i don't recall the what they exactly look like but here's the gist of it..

there's 3 block types in the game

"Girl" Blocks which are pretty obvious...they're the small blocks w/ girls faces on them. You can combine 2 smaller blocks to make 1 longer 2x1 horizontal or vertical block. You can combine two of the same 2x1 blocks such as 2 horizontals or 2 verticals to form a 2x2 block

Clear Block - i don't remember the exact color but you'll know what i'm talking about when you play. It's the one where you push the Girl blocks next to and the "clear" out the blocks..and if you clear all the girl blocks you clear the stage

"Platform" Blocks - these blocks vary per stage and level but they all do the same thing on later levels. Basically later on the floors aren't "flat" anymore and if you push the girl blocks on pits the fall down and you can't move them anymore...Platform blocks are the ones you push into pits so you can push the Girl blocks above them.

..the basic aim is to clear all the current stage's girl's Girl Blocks. There are some stages where you get Girl Blocks of girls from other stages. You don't have to worry about clearing those and you can use them as platforms. Anyway if your still REALLY stuck i picked up a walkthrough ages back..just msg me if you want it...but its better if you play the game through first IMHO =3

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