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E D steampower
2004-08-06 04:49:47
Posts: 1
From: Europe
Persiom - level 57 (
OK - been stuck with this one for a long time. How do I get past the robot Nemoto on level 57 of Persiom? Can reduce one of his HP with the bomb, another with a hit but he hits for around 650000 HP. PLease help, anybody.

E D Mastress
2005-09-01 02:30:36
Posts: 1
From: North America
Re: Persiom - level 57 (
Okay, this took me /ages/ to figure out... I had to capture female monsters (I didn't even realize I could /do/ this) and use them on Gato.

Go back into lower dungeons and fight female monsters. When you get them close to dead, click the red button in the top right of the screen. You can then try to capture them. If you have the proper item (it's the one that's 100g at the shop, looks like a girl with beads on it) it'll show underneath the capture bar and you can use it to automatically grab her (otherwise you'll just have to try your luck hitting the GET! on the bar, like with chests). I'd go ahead and collect a few.

They are stored in Satan's house on the map. If your level isn't high enough to use that monster, then she will be X'd out. I had to level up to Lv. 48 to be able to use a monster I'd captured back in Dungeon 45 or so (it was the one that looks like a valkyrie riding an ugly unicorn). Then you can pick her in Satan's shop and you get an H CG, then she goes into your inventory as an item.

Use her as an item on the map at Nato, and it'll get one damage. I then faught him and got my one hit, I was lucky enough that he missed me the second time so I got the last hit to kill him. But I'd think you'll probably need two monsters to throw at him on the map, and then get your one hit in. Or since you said you have a bomb, then use a female monster, a bomb, and then get your one hit.

Hope it helps. I spent many, many hours figuring this one out. -_-;; There are just so many aspects of the game I didn't know where there.

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