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Discussion Boards - Bishoujo Games Help - Reading Thread[ Page: 1 ]

E D Rinscewind
2004-09-14 14:50:33
Posts: 4
Hello, a question on K of Xentar? (
I used to play one of the FF RPG games on Nintendo, when it first came out. A friend had it, and I played it a bit, it was fun. I found a link to similar games, found 'Knights of Xentar', and started to play (yes, I like the game, as Hentai is not a huge interest of mine). Now, I have two problems.

When I used the original version I downloaded, it played fine 'till I got to Red Riding Hood's cabin. When she says her granny went to get some whipping cream, it freezes, with what sounds like a sheep 'baa'-ing. *chuckle* How to fix this?

Then, I found the 1.08a patch, and put the new files in the Knight's folder. Now, when I go to start it, I am asked for a 5 digit code off of a wheel. Is there any way to get past this? I would really like to finish the game.

I dunno if I can get past the Wolf error to keep playing the un-patched version, or if I have to get a code listing to use the patched version, or if I am just out of luck. =\

Thanks. Also, does anyone have Dragon Knights, 1, 2, and 4? I have not found a working link to these, and I would like to get them, if I can.

Thanks again!

"Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. Then go ahead -- you will be a mile away, and will also have his shoes."

E D Rinscewind
2004-09-14 16:56:54
Posts: 4
Re: Hello, a question on K of Xentar? (
I don't see an 'edit' button, so I have to add a reply to add to the last post.

I have XP, and DOS might work different as far as commands go. When my system locked up (at the 'baa') it occured that I should try to enter the


line in the config.sys file. In XP, though, there is only a 'config.nt' file. As XP is different in a lot of little ways from other Windows versions, I don't know if this would work. So far, it has not, and I still freeze at the 'baa'.

there are only a few lines at the bottom of the config.nt file, that are commands:

dos=high, umb

I put the DEVICEHIGH=CDOS\RAMDRIVE.SYS 2048 /E command under the himem.sys line, above the files=40 line, and saved it, rebooted, and still I freeze.

Is there a fix for this? Or how can I get a code wheel for the 1.08a patch, that does not want to start (even tho I have the KXCRACK.EXE in the folder, and ran it correctly). Can someone post a correction? Thanks!

E D H looser
2004-09-16 04:13:46
Posts: 3
Re: Hello, a question on K of Xentar? (
I think I download the patches here:

By my version I mustnĀ“t use the wheel code. When you use the patch make sure you use the adult patch aso. I think you must patch first to 1.08A and then the adult patch. You can see it at the first scene in the pub if you patched it to the adult version. Aso I think I have seen more pics with the update 1.08A.

I have had the same problem and found the solution turn off the sound effect maybe you must turn off aso the sound (the sound didnĀ“t work on my computer so it was turned off from me). After the scene with the wolf and the Grandma you can turn on the sound effects no problems after this in the Game.

The best solution for this Game you find by Pete:

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