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Discussion Boards - Bishoujo Games Help - Reading Thread[ Page: 1 ]

E D Rinscewind
2004-09-14 23:10:54
Posts: 4
Had to post a new thread, pardon (
I got an error when I tried to post to my prior post.

I found a 2nd crack.exe file, and now I can play fine, up to a point. When I get to Clara's, and kill the wolf, Clara talks to me about her grandma "going to get whipping cream". When she says "cream", the game and my system freeze, right after the "baa" sound I posted about in my other thread.

I need to talk to her, to talk to Dark Knight, to get info on Tymm. Is there any fix for this? I would like to finish.

Any info on 1, 2, and 4 would be great also. =)


E D Rinscewind
2004-09-16 04:10:55
Posts: 4
Found it (
Heh. Someone posted a fix on a player board, somewhere. Just turn the sound off for the errors. Happens in at least one other place, also.

If you have any info on 1, 2, and 4, please post? I liked this style of game, and not many new RPGs have the same feel.


E D H looser
2004-09-16 04:16:34
Posts: 3
Re: Had to post a new thread, pardon (
I think I download the patches here:

By my version I mustnĀ“t use the wheel code. When you use the patch make sure you use the adult patch aso. I think you must patch first to 1.08A and then the adult patch. You can see it at the first scene in the pub if you patched it to the adult version. Aso I think I have seen more pics with the update 1.08A.

I have had the same problem and found the solution turn off the sound effect maybe you must turn off aso the sound (the sound didnĀ“t work on my computer so it was turned off from me). After the scene with the wolf and the Grandma you can turn on the sound effects no problems after this in the Game.

The best solution for this Game you find by Pete:

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