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E D Ryuujin
2003-05-06 15:20:56

Posts: 5
Problem with sound!!!! (
When i try to play Snowdrop,Tsuki,Sensei 2,Private nurse, tottemo pheromone, water closet, Kango, Critical point, bleeding book.
and other games with speech, i get an error message before the game start.

"There will be no vice or sound effects because the system does not support DirectSound(or ADPCM).
do you wish to continue? (CODE=1:0)"

I had no problem with this before, i think the problem started when i installed directx 9.0.
I tested some of the games on 3 others computers but it was the same problem and all of them had Directx 9.0 intalled.

and when i am testing DirectSound in DXdiag i works perfectly.

Is there anyone else that has this or had this problem, and know how to fix it. so please answe!!!

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-05-18 17:22:47

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Problem with sound!!!! (
The most generic reply I can give your sound card's driver updated enough?

If the thing is ancient, update its driver or get a new one.

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E D blue_thing
2003-06-06 14:28:14
Posts: 10
Re: Problem with sound!!!! (
I have the same problem with almost every single bishoujo game I play. Kanon, Air, Tsuki, snowdrop, kana....

I get no music but I get some sound effects. For Tsuki I got the same error msg you had.
I have direct x9.0 and a fairly old sound card. I'll update my driver and see if it fixes the problem

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