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E D kensyu
2003-06-25 23:38:32
Posts: 1
Bunko K still around?_? (
Hey are you still in this board Bunko ?_?
How do you save in Des Blood 4 I can't seem to find the save screen ?_?

Also what do you have to do in those instant death events?_?

E D Bunko K
2003-09-16 18:09:03
Posts: 2
Re: Bunko K still around?_? (
Oh man, I know it has been 5 months since you've posted, but I've been away from this site for quite awhile (moved into a new place, job, etc...just took a lot of time to settle down).

You can save in Des Blood 4 using either the F1 or F9 keys I believe (I'm sorry, but its been awhile since I've played DB4...though I have mucked around with DBVR and Sexy Beach 2).

I'm not sure what you mean by what you can do during 'instant-death' events. Maybe you could explain that a little more to me.

Well, this response is probably too little too late. Anyways, I'm trying to catch up on my old hobbies now, so I'll probably be around more often to check these boards (happy to see this site is still up).

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-09-16 22:11:41

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Bunko K still around?_? (
Glad to see someone from this site's history, BEFORE I became active...

veterans, help your moderator from IDIOTIC QUESTIONS...

‘å •¿ Žá Ý Žè , ´ •— ŸÞ “V ‰º .
å« ”ñ E ˜V ¹ , ’A ‹ •K —L œä !
- Yang Sei Fu (—k´•—)
=/| ClearWind Design Studios - |\=

All hail the largest poster in the site whose post count exceeds even the webmaster himself... WHAHAHAHAHA....

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