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E D Tabris
2003-01-07 08:38:41
Posts: 30
Thoughts about the asian music scene (
hmm correct me if i am wrong, but i am seeing less and less qualified people making albums and releasing songs and it seems to me that the main selling point for those albums are simply based on the persons looks. Let me just go over a few of the recent ones...

Korean music - Shin Mina... yeah she looks great but theres no way a rational guy would buy her album other than to stare at her.

Chinese music - most of the new comers... I really feel some of them lack music talent

Japanese music - none comes to mind at the moment but once in a while, when I watch HeyHeyHey, I would catch one that makes me ask questions like: "how did she land a music contract"

It would be nice to hear everyones opinion on this and see if it is just me being a harsh critic.

E D Mensco
2003-01-07 18:33:01
Posts: 10
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
That's a pretty good point you put up. Still, this effect is happening all over the world including NA too. People no longer care about the song anymore, they judge singers on their looks and 'up sizes'. This comment works extremely well in the Hong Kong music industry, most of them don't even know how to sing like Cookies, Twins...etc.
I'm pretty sure that it's happening to the japanese market too. Music Bands are being pumped out with girls aging 13-16

E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-01-07 21:57:57

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
Again, Agreed.

The age of "singers relying on potential" is over.
It's sad...because I want to create a visual novel IN JAPANESE AND ENGLISH (Game with language option) and I need help...I need a composer and singer...I can cover singing, since I'm actually quite good...but composing...

Anyone interested?

¤j¬`­Y¦b¤â, ²M­·º¡¤Ñ¤U.
=/| ClearWind Design Studios - TMFC |\=

E D Nymph
2003-01-08 00:13:46

Posts: 72
From: North America
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
Yah even here in NA the music sucks lately... I have some old JPop somewhere on cd's from the Fiendishly FTP site (if people remember it a long time ago)... I can put some online if I find them...

E D Tabris
2003-01-08 01:14:49
Posts: 30
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
damn... i think i am old... i actually do remember fiendishlys ftp site...

E D Nymph
2003-01-09 15:38:56

Posts: 72
From: North America
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
heheeh it was amazing for the time... would still be amazing...

E D Bata-kun
2003-06-03 12:56:04

Posts: 48
From: North America
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
I dunno. It depends on which artists you talk about. If you're talking about artists in the past, that's not so. For artists now, for the most part, that's true. My mind is too fried to give examples now.

Tomo-chan - Kimura-sensei, why did you become a teacher?

E D Delfire
2004-01-21 01:32:46

Posts: 22
From: North America
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
Ack! Asian music all sounds the same to me. Mostly because I can only understand a small portion of the words.

E D ComanderXYZ
2004-01-22 02:52:55

Posts: 52
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
I can say that trend have taken over nearly everything. Singers is now chosen by their looks, not by their talent in singing. The music industries have change everything completely.

As a proof, In Asia, I would take an example.
Let's say today Chinese New Year celebration by Hong Kong on Wah Lei Toi ( channel 30 ). Ya, Hong Kong is well known as one of the best countries in the entertainment industries. But today when I watch the New Year celebration, most of all the new singers or actor or even the performance SUCKS !!! They don't even have the guts to speak properly during the show. Even old actor or actress in their youth days perform much better then then.

I don't intent to insult them but this is what I have to say, tradisional ways are old and lame, but even latest trend can't even beat the old trend. In terms of the song itself, even old singers can beat the new singers without a fight.

So therefore, they should not judge a book by it's cover. If anyone is not happy with this reply go ahead and flame me.

E D Kalou
2004-01-22 03:44:26

Posts: 8
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
Yes, that may be the case... but i don`t see the point in getting all worked up over something you really can`t do anything about.. right? Well, i do see that most of the new comer these days aren`t much of what they`re suppose to be.. but there are certain numbers are not too bad.. i may be wrong in my own judgement.. but here are who i think are not too bad and are new comers..
Chemistry ~ Jap
Daniel ~ Cha
these are the two i currently know.. my knowledge is limited, as you may comment as you pleases..

E D ComanderXYZ
2004-01-26 09:06:24

Posts: 52
Re: Thoughts about the asian music scene (
Anyway, I didn't mean to insult them for what they are now.

I wrote this stuff here as a complain so people who AREN"T really qualify to enter the DON't even think about it. Those who REALLY have the talents should ONLY enter, not those who can't do anything but still enter just for the sake of being famous ( thats what they say, correct me if you feel I'm wrong on that point ).

I just hope future generation will improve so they would not make a fool out of themselves and for the country too. Thats all.

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