That's what we call "cash" in the game. We buy things with them.
    Units are for academic activities. You need them to go to classes as well as gaining job levels and skills.

    Units is probably the most important variable in the game. It is very hard to get, and it is crucial that you make full and efficient use of units sparingly.

    Amount to experience you gain during battles. At a certain point your experience level goes up
    Experience Level
    Note that this is different from the above mentioned Class/job levels. This parameter goes up when you gain a certain amount of Experience. When you level up, you increase in HP, TP and MP ONLY, contrary to the common belief that your attributes will increase as well.
    Job Level
    Your standing as a career class. See the School Activities section for more details. There are 4 class levels shown, in order from top to down: Fighter, Scout, Magician, Priest.
    Hit Points. You life meter during battles. It decreases when you take damage from enemies. If you run out of HP you cannot participate in battle anymore.
    Technique Points. Fighter and Scout skills require TP. It decreases as you use skills. If you don't have enough TP you can do certian skills.
    Magic Points. Same as TP but applicable to magic spells.

    Note that some skills require all of HP/TP/MP.

    A constant variable which is set at the beginning of the game when you choose your attributes. Generally affects spell variable growth during classes. The higher this variable is, the more you get during class when certain attributes are taught that depends on this parameter.
    Same as above, but generally applicable to agility, Hit% and evade%
    Same as above, but generally applicable to attack and defense bring-up.

    The above 3 variables are pretty much your body condition, and are set at the beginning of your game after the game asks your career preferences.

    The "absolute" power of the person. Affects attack and defense. Growth depends on Body variable.
    Determines how fast you do your ATTACKS/SKILLS in battles (not spells). Growth depends on Skill variable.
    Determines how fast you cast your SPELLS. Growth depends on Heart variable.
    Resistance to magic attacks. Growth depends on Body and Heart variable.

    Attack Power Output
    Your attack power during battles. The higher this is, the more damage you can inflict on enemies. Growth depends on Body variable.
    Determines how seldom you miss an attack, as well as the chance of making critical hits. Growth depends on Skill variable.
    Your defense power during battles. The higher this is, the less damage you take from enemy attacks. Growth depends on Body variable.
    Determines how often you can dodge enemy attacks, as well as death-blows (occasionally enemies can hit you and you die on one hit). Growth depends on Skill variable.

    Magic Elements
    Determines the power of magic spells. Some spells depend on one variable, while some depend on 2 of them. Growth of magic elements depend on Heart Variable.

      Light elements - consist of RED and SILVER.
      Dark elements - consist of BLUE and BLACK.

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